670 Albert Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6L2    (613) 236-0428


Executive Director Monique Doolittle-Romas ext. 2290
Finance Officer Mariola Kolakowski ext. 2315
Corporate Administrative Assistant Nicole MacLean ext. 2221
Administrative Assistant Samantha Kelly ext. 2100
Administrative Assistant Database Véronique Bernier ext. 2101
Finance/Admin Assistant Laurie Pacey ext. 2203
Facility Coordinator Vlodek Hnatiuk ext. 2340
Facility Assistant Mariusz Kielb ext. 2340


Day Centre Director Darlene Powers ext. 2160
Day Centre Coordinator Ana Valença ext. 2150
Day Program Coordinator Penny Bodnoff ext. 2200
Membership/Volunteer Coordinator Nikkie Snagg ext. 2230
LGBTQ2+ Program Coordinator Stephane Gauthier ext. 2353
Craft Coordinator Linda Janes-Peddle ext. 2270
Day Program Assistant Coordinator Sonia Movrin ext. 2190
Day Program Assistant Afua Okyere ext. 2191
Day Program Assistant Maria Mangyao ext. 2191
Seniors’ Centre Without Walls Coordinator Emma Revell ext. 2323
Seniors’ Centre Without Walls Assistant Emily Payne ext. 2390
Seniors’ Centre Without Walls Assistant Rana Yassine ext. 4260


SCWW Expansion Director Lisa Swant ext. 4204
SCWW Community Resource Developer Adrienne Tuffin ext. 4203
SCWW Acting Ontario Provincial Lead Coordinator Lisa Hollingshead ext. 4357
SCWW Manager of Fundraising and Sustainability Angella Rawsthorne ext. 4202


Community Support Services Manager Anne Kendall ext. 2240
Community Support Services Coordinator Carolyn Calder ext. 2235
Community Support Services Coordinator Katie Yedynak ext. 2250
Community Support Services Coordinator Brenda Packer ext. 2355
Community Support Services Program Assistant Jessie Jin ext. 2777
Community Support Services Program Assistant Cici He Ext. 2358
Community Support Services Program Driver Barry Shirley
Community Support Services Program Driver George Romas
Community Support Services Program Driver Sylvie Paul


Food Services Director Frank Bowie ext. 2130
Cook Aaron Brown ext. 2131
Cook Assistant Miranda Gumeni ext. 2131
Food Services Assistant ext. 2131