Here at the Craft Studio, you can spend your time creatively! Join the fun and create hand-made items that are either donated to different charities or sold at our Boutique to raise funds for the Centre and/or take a class for personal growth.

Try something new by taking one of our creative art classes and have access to our Studio space, Stained Glass Studio, and Quilting room.

For you crafters/makers, volunteer to make unique one-of-a-kind items such as stained glass, quilting, knitting items, mixed-media art and more!  We supply all the materials while you create at home or here in one of our Craft Studio circles.

Please consult our Program Guide for a current list of classes. You may also use the below sections to expand and discover descriptions for each program!


Come join us as we create items to give to charities around Ottawa!  We meet as a group to create together or at home. All materials and patterns will be supplied. Share your talent with those in need. Experienced volunteers lead all these programs; all images are courtesy of our own crafters/makers and artists.

Izzy Dolls

Join the Izzy Doll Phenomenon in honour of Peacekeeper Mark Isfeld and help the Canadian soldiers bring comfort and joy to children on Peacekeeping missions. These woolen dolls are knitted or crocheted and are only 5” high. Close to 100,000 children have received these Dolls already.

Chemo Caps

We knit and crochet basic beanie caps for Chemo patients. These are soft, comfortable and easy to wear for people who are living with cancer.


Weaving Milk
Bag Mats

It is an environmental trend to re-purpose milk bags and weave or crochet them into sleeping mats. These milk-bag mats provide comfort as a bedding alternative and are used by health-care professionals as a make-ready substitute for an operating bed/table where resources are scarce. The mats are woven or crocheted from milk bag strips and are approximately three by five feet. It requires on average 300 -400 milk bags to make one adult sized mat. This is your opportunity to learn how to weave.

Sensory Touch Quilts

We machine sew fabric squares together with a variety of textures and added embellishments to create a “Lap Touch Quilt”. These quilts are for people who are living with anxiety related illnesses, e.g., Dementias, Stroke or Parkinson’s.

 Please take a look at our past projects

  • Twiddle-Muffs
  • Wildlife Birds Nest
  • PICC Line Covers
  • Red-Scarf Project for Aids
  • Yarn Bombing


Join our production volunteers who make quality crafts for the Centre. We sell these crafts at our Craft Studio Boutique and at our annual sales throughout the year. There is no fee for participating in the programs, we supply the materials and the members have fun creating works of art. Please drop by and check out our well-equipped Craft Studio. Our program leaders will be pleased to show you around. Experienced volunteers lead all these programs; all images are courtesy of our own crafters/makers and artists.

Teddy Bears and Friends

This group creates all kinds of Teddy Bears and other animals sewn by hand. Only basic hand sewing skills are required. They are big and small, made with fake fur or yarn. Come join us for lots of fun, we have a very enjoyable class as we work and create adorable Teddy Bears.

Knitting and Crocheting

This group has very knowledgeable volunteers who can help members with their patterns in knitting and crocheting. We will help you with simple or complicated patterns. We will match up your skills with a suitable pattern so that you will be able to produce attractive knitted or crocheted items.

Learn to Crochet

This class focuses on crocheting from the very simple to the more advance stitches. Learn basic single, double, treble and decorative crochet stitches. Whether you are a first-timer or looking to expand your skills, this class is for you.

Cross-Stitch and Canvas

Come and explore the fun of canvas, no experience necessary. You can choose yarn or embroidery thread for your projects. You can embellish items as well.

Mixed Media Card Making

Come and explore the fun art of making mixed media greeting cards, no experience necessary! We have a variety of materials, handmade papers, recycled cards for collage, etc.

Painting on Fabric

Create beautiful pieces of art that can be proudly put on display.  This class features a technique where paint is applied on a fabric surface. Possible techniques include painting with brushes and sponges, although other methods are possible.

Stained Glass Studio

Stained Glass for Beginners – Learn the basics of glass cutting, grinding, assembly of pieces, effective use of tools and how to foil and solder. A program leader will provide assistance in selecting the proper project for each member.

Stained Glass Level 1 – You have to know the basics of glass cutting, grinding, assembly of pieces, and how to foil and solder. Prerequisite: Beginners’ Stained Glass. Come join us and make wonderful pieces of art.


Explore the tools and techniques used to create designs for necklaces, earrings and bracelets, etc. We continue to do a variety of beaded projects. We have done beaded angels, snowflakes and even spiders. Theme jewellery like Christmas and Halloween is very popular. Sometimes we even make our own beads out of fabric. Some of our specialty workshops include gem wire wrapping, tree of life pendant and stacked pearl necklaces.

Organizational Team

If you have a love and passion for putting things in their place or arranging displays, this is the team for you! This is an organization team that will work together to do a variety of tasks that require your organization skills and love of craft supplies.

Design and Development Team

This team comes together to focus on developing the Craft Studio in a few different ways. It supports the process of design, production and sale of crafts. We have all meetings through Zoom.



Our Studios include Visual Arts and Crafts . Here you can pursue your artistic talents and aspirations. Our goal is to provide experiences that enrich your quality of life through art. Experienced volunteers lead all these programs; all images are courtesy of our own crafters/makers and artists.

Stained Glass Studio: Level 1 and Intermediate

This Stained Glass class is an opportunity to come make your own projects in the studio. You will provide your own glass, and an instructor will be available to assist you in your projects. Make wonderful pieces of art!


Hand Piecing for Quilters

This course is a prerequisite for our advanced quilting class. We will teach systematically how to hand quilt and do ¼ inch seams. You will learn how to sew small pieces of cloth into pattern blocks, how to layer, sew borders, bind and hand piece the quilt block together.


You will learn how to sew small pieces of cloth into pattern blocks, how to layer, sew borders, bind and quilt your pieces together. You will be joining layers of material together to make a thicker padded fabric. Sewing projects can also complement the quilting. For example: Quilted placemats with coordinating napkins.


Painting courses are facilitated by PATRICK COCKLIN, who has worked in pencil, chalk, watercolour and oils. Currently, he uses digital photographs modified in Photoshop as subject matter for his figurative oil painting practice! Our hands-on instruction is geared to your interests. We have a bright, spacious, friendly spot to brush up on your painting skills.

Let’s have fun! The images are courtesy of our own artists.


Painting Studio

This course is an informal open studio. We explore ways to achieve your goals. If you want to create the illusion of three dimensions or need to use colour more effectively this is the program for you. With help from resident artist Patrick, we will teach you how to use perspective or mix colours or create a pleasing composition. Whether rendering a photo on canvas or drawing from a still life, we can get a new project off the ground and navigate your hand to a happy conclusion. From his long experience in the visual arts, Patrick will share some ‘tricks of the trade’ so you can more confidently use your preferred medium or enjoy a new one.

Introduction to Painting

Learn the different techniques to get paint onto a canvas. This will be a great introduction to Painting under the supervision of a professional artist. You will also learn about the different tools you will be using.



Discover the health benefits of the expressive arts with classes that are good for the soul!  These sessions focus on being mindful, playful, and curious and most importantly being YOU!

Facilitated by NANCY SOLANGE DEAN, Expressive Arts Practitioner, lover of colours and all things spontaneous!


Improvisation theatre is also known as “The Art of Possibilities”. These laugh-filled sessions get you thinking in the moment and making up unique stories/scenes together with a team. Want to have fun, sharpen your mind and feel good all at the same time! Try IMPROV. No experience necessary. View Improv Flyer

The Art of Zentangle

Get the amazing benefits of meditation without having to sit still…Create instead! The Art of Zentangle series guides you through the easy to learn and relaxing process of meditative drawing. This act of making simple repetitive marks, shapes, and lines through structured patterns is a great way to clear your mind, be present in the moment and allow for beauty to emerge.

Zentangle Beyond the Basics

Continue the creative journey and explore the many ways Zentangle can be expanded on. Learn more patterns, discover tangleations, incorporate colour and mixed media and learn to be more playful. Surprise yourself as you allow more of your creative spirit to shine through

Painting your way out of a corner (The art of getting unstuck)

PREVIOUS ART EXPERIENCE is NOT necessary. Work through creative exercises, from the book of the same name, using watercolours to create your own personal visual journal.  As you paint unplanned images, you get to know yourself more, to express what is inside and to start a creative practice that is as enjoyable as it is enlightening!



The Craft Studio Boutique is where you can find unique, good quality, and affordable crafts for sale. They are all created by our members to raise funds for the Centre.

The hours of operation are Monday to Friday 10am – 2pm (based on volunteer availability).


The Craft Studio is a place where seniors help seniors to enrich their lives. Do you have a favourite craft you would like to share? Have you wanted to take on a leadership role in your community? The Good Companion’s Craft Studio always welcomes Volunteer Program Leaders to instruct a class and share their skills.

For more information contact:

Linda Janes-Peddle

Craft Studio Coordinator


Telephone: (613) 236-0428 extension 2270