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Handy Helpers

The Handy Helpers Program provides caring volunteers who lend seniors (55+) and adults with physical disabilities a helping hand for periodical, seasonal, or annual one-time tasks and odd jobs. The jobs and tasks vary and every volunteer contributes by bringing a different set of skills to the program.

What tasks can a Handy Helpers volunteer do?

The Handy Helpers volunteers can assist you with a variety of tasks and odd-jobs, such as:

  • Fitting/checking smoke detectors (batteries);
  • Tightening doorknobs, locks, adjusting hinges;
  • Replacing light bulbs;
  • Fitting door chains / spy holes, replacement locks;
  • Putting up shelves and pictures (reasonable safe height);
  • Assembling flat pack furniture (reasonable safe height);
  • Undertaking small gardening jobs – on a one-off basis (no hedges);
  • Securing loose carpet/vinyl;
  • Taking down / putting up curtains and curtain rails (reasonable ceiling height only);
  • Replacing tap washers & repairing dripping taps;
  • Seasonal clothes flipping;
  • Basic computer help;
  • Organizing paperwork;
  • Decorating for Christmas; helping to make the house/apartment festive;
  • Connecting new TV/DVD/VCR/answering machines;
  • Minor appliance repair;
  • Other small odd, one-off tasks, e.g. covering windows for new tenants (honey-do list); unpacking; packing; shelf paper lining.

*Please note that our ability to assist with tasks is subject to volunteer availability and skill level.

Supplies and Equipment:

Depending on the job, volunteers are usually required to provide their own equipment (i.e. tools) to complete the required tasks. Be cautious when lending tools or equipment to a volunteer. It is important that any tools and equipment that you provide are in good working condition; never provide a volunteer with equipment that appears damaged or faulty. You are responsible for the purchase of necessary supplies (e.g. light bulbs, nails, etc). On some occasions, a volunteer might offer to pick up supplies on your behalf. In cases such as this, you will be responsible for reimbursing the volunteer for the cost of the supplies. The volunteer will provide you with a receipt for your records. Please note, however, that volunteers are not expected to pick up supplies on your behalf. Should a volunteer borrow or use tools or equipment that belongs to you, the volunteer is responsible to replace or repair any equipment that becomes lost or damaged.

For more information on our Handy Helpers program, call 613-236-0428, extension 2250.

Are You Eligible?

Services are available to seniors 55+ and adults with physical disabilities who live north of the Queensway between Preston Street and Blair Road. If you live outside of this area, please check online at to find which agency can help you in your home.

The Handy Helpers Program is not an emergency service and is not appropriate for tasks that require an immediate response. Requests for help must also fit within the limits and boundaries of the program and volunteers are not an appropriate replacement for jobs that require the skill of licensed trades’ people, such as electricians and plumbers.

Please note: there is no income eligibility requirement to use this program and there is no fee to use this program. Donations to The Good Companions are always welcome and every dollar is appreciated.

Please note: services are provided with or without membership in The Good Companions.

All new clients must undergo a telephone and home visit assessment prior to receiving services in the home. Please call 613-236-0428 for more information.

Interested in Helping?

If you are interested in volunteering to be a Handy Helper, please download and submit a volunteer application form.