Located beside Front Reception

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 10 am – 2 pm
(based on volunteer availability)

Repeat Performance sells gently used clothing, handcrafted items and much more! All items are reasonably priced and all proceeds help support the The Good Companions. Stop by today and help support your Centre!

To make a donation: To donate clothing, handbags and shoes, please drop them off during the store’s operating hours with a volunteer sales associate.  If this is not possible, please make advanced arrangements with Front Reception.  Please ensure that the donations of clothing are cleaned and sized.  Additionally, the craft department will continue to accept donations of supplies and materials such as old jewelry, yarn, fabric…  Lastly, The Good Companions Silent Auction will continue to accept items of high quality such as jewelry, paintings, etc…  Please drop off these donations to Front Reception.

Photo courtesy of Sonya Kinkade Design